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Concealed Carry class question...
Posted by: Ray
Date: January 30, 2010 01:44PM
What are some of the basics the class teaches? I am curious as the wife and I are thinking about taking it so we can get our permitts,Thanks Ray.

Re: Concealed Carry class question...
Posted by: CCWTrainer
Date: January 30, 2010 05:46PM
The state says I must teach a class designed to bring a new shooter up to speed so there is a strong focus on the basic safety rules. I've figured out a way of teaching them so even those who are there for a review find them new again. I also try to work with each person one-on-one on the range to offer some advice on stance and grip that improves most people's shooting. We also must cover the law on guns and use of force, so it is a full day. Class goes on even while lunch is served because it allows extra time to cover more.

I try to give a little extra information and stress breaking the bad habits most people build shooting for fun. A lifetime of shooting at a mark on a piece of paper means most shooters have habits that were built in an environment where there is no imperative and no need to do things any certain way. We spend more time breaking these habits than anything else. A new shooter often is easier to train because they don't have to break something down before we build something new.

We manage to teach one class that different skill levels get different things out of. Where you focus depends on where you are as a shooter but the goal is to show everyone an improvement in their skill while simultaneously meeting the requirements for a state CCW license.