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(This contest is over.. Look to top for any new contest..) Contest for LED light setup for your press... READ
Posted by: Guvner
Date: April 11, 2013 07:34PM
To enter this contest you do have to register and post an introduction to who you are and what you load right here in this string. (Just reply to this post with your information.)

If you're from the St. Louis area let us know if you feel comfortable with that as since this site is really aimed at networking so people can share ideas and possibly harder to come by supplies.

I'll let it go for a few weeks and end it. I don't expect a huge number of entrants but someone is getting the LED lighting supplies.

They will consist of the light strip with the wire soldered to it, (about 40 inches) epoxy glue over connection along with shrink tape, a 12 volt power supply and some quick connects. I decided not to assemble it completely for insurance reasons. You can attach the two red wires together and the 2 black wires together with the crimps and shrink wrap them if you decide to make a really nice looking connection or just use wire nuts to attach the wires. Your choice. Attach the light in a safe place and make sure you don't ever expose any powder to a badly connected wire. This is safe but sometimes it's better to warn everyone and cover your bases. They are selling this setup for $20 to $40 at some of the reloading suppliers.

Here's some pictures in case you didn't see the previous posts. First off is what you can expect to see if you have the Hornady progressive reloader.

Here's a Dillon with the same lighting.

I'll just put the names in and draw a number. If you think of a better way to have a contest throw me an idea...



Re: Contest for LED light setup for your press... READ
Posted by: huntnman
Date: April 16, 2013 08:08PM
My name is Greg,I'm retired, I live in St. Charles area. I began reloading in the late 70's and casting my own projectiles mid 80's, I'm set up for .380,9mm,38/357,40,44spl/mag,45acp in hand guns,30-06,and soon 223/556 in rifle,( I hope).

And the winner and only entrant is: Huntnman...
Posted by: Guvner
Date: April 25, 2013 01:22AM
Congratulations Greg... :)

I did say it would be about two weeks and you're the only one who entered... Hope you like the lights.