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Posted by: wapati
Date: June 24, 2011 12:25PM
My wife wanted to crappie fish at night, so we put in on Bull at the dam park. Had some time to kill so I trolled a Cabela's walleye diver. Picked up this 4.7 pound walleye. I will say this lure doesn't catch the brush much which is good as I was dragging it as close to brush as possible. These lures usually require some tuning to run true.
The brush goes down to 35-38 foot at this time. The reports I hear are most eyes are being caught 25-35 foot deep, mostly on points as was this fish.
The lake is down 5 feet below full and still dropping. Launching at Bull and Norfork is still from roads and parking is a issue. A few more weeks and this should improve.