Amateur Ice Hockey

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River City Steel vs Brickhouse Championship game...
Posted by: Guvner
Date: April 08, 2011 02:29PM
Keep in mine that even the larger pictures here are stripped down in size and clarity to where they load on the web. I put up a ton so I'd catch everyone whether they were in the middle of a play or just available for a picture. My apologies to all offended. :) I removed the shadows out of these particular pictures but the originals are still in original condition so if you're good at Photoshop and want to play with a particular picture you can. These were mass edited.

If you want one of the originals just register here and post me a message underneath this post.

I also happen to own the air conditioning/heating company advertising here so if you don't already have someone you're happy with press the link when you get in trouble. You can also just press it and bookmark it for later. Reviews for us are on the web and they're all good.

We also film and shoot high school teams. I keep that mostly at so pay that a visit if you need any of that. This deal with these pictures is free including any picture requests. In fact if someone from the team that I don't know wants just a disk with all of the pictures I can just burn a DVD.

Here's the pictures...