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Will SIS affect my ability to get CCW
Posted by: stevo0001
Date: March 27, 2010 04:11PM
I had a misdemeanor possession charge for Marijuana and Plea-Bargained for SIS Probation, the probation has been up for over a year now, but the possession charge was less than 4 years ago, will this affect my ability to get a CCW endorsement, or is it better to wait 5 yr after the conviction?

Also, if i pay the fee for the sherriff, and i get denied, do i have to pay again when I retry?

Some insight on CCW and misdemeanor SIS Please.

Re: Will SIS affect my ability to get CCW
Posted by: CCWTrainer
Date: March 28, 2010 09:22AM
The fee is for application, so it is not refundable for any reason if you DID apply.

The marijuana misdemeanor would seem to be covered here:

The relevant language on that page would be:
"has not been convicted of two or more misdemeanor offenses involving driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs or the possession or abuse of a controlled substance within a five-year period immediately preceding application for a certificate of qualification for a concealed carry endorsement."

(underlines are mine)

I read this to mean even though you plead to it, the lack of a conviction would mean you qualify.

IF you got SIS on a felony, MO will not issue you a license. The law for purchase of a handgun says not 'convicted' of a felony but the law to get a carry license says you have not 'plead guilty ' to one and the only way to get SIS is to plead guilty. Be sure it was a misdemeanor and I think you will be ok. If you plead to a felony that was not a crime of violence, Florida non-resident could be an option for you.

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Re: Will SIS affect my ability to get CCW
Posted by: stevo0001
Date: March 28, 2010 11:50AM
Thanks for the help, I will go Tuesday to apply. I will post for others to read what the results were. Thank you for the help, I had been in contact with an attorney, and was told the same thing. And also asked why i would want to wait. As far as the application fee is concerned, I am not so worried about losing the application fee money, but just wanted professional advice. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

However, on my search of the Internet, I found nothing of Misdemeanor SIS, only Felony SIS. Hopefully this will answer questions for others in my position.