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Missouri Residents Applying for Illinois CCW - NOT
Posted by: acepilot
Date: May 13, 2015 11:46AM
Just a note to all you Missouri Residents wishing to get your Illinois CCW permit so you can legally carry in Illinois. I took Greg's class last weekend and we discussed the possibility of not being able to even apply for an Illinois permit. Well after taking the class and successfully completing all the requirements for the hours of instruction to satisfy the Illinois law I then started to work on getting an Illinois application filled out and submitted. I hit a roadblock!

Since we knew that Illinois wouldn't even accept an application unless the "SIMILAR REQUIREMENTS FOR REPORTING WERE MET which Missouri doesn't follow, I thought I'd try an end run around this by claiming dual residency between Illinois and Missouri which would in effect make me also an Illinois resident for the time I was living in Illinois. (I happen to have an I''Innis address with a vehicle registered to that address)

When filling out the application for the Illinois Firearms Owners Identification (which is required for Illinois residents) I got to the part where it asks for either your Illinois drivers license or state issues ID card number.(I have neither) At this point I hit a road block and could not proceed.

The next day I contacted the Help number for the Illinois State Police for assistance with the FOID applications and was basically that if you don't have an Illinois driver's license and show Illinois as your primary state of residence that you do not qualify nor can you apply for an FOID or CCW permit.

Long story short.... At this time there is no sense in even wasting your time taking the Illinois CCW coarse unless you are an Illinois resident.

I hope this ends any confusion regarding a Missouri resident applying for an Illinois CCW permit.