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clean and lube i use
Posted by: cbccadet2002
Date: April 22, 2013 01:17AM
First off, I'm by no means a certified gunsmith or armorer. Pondering the thought but havent taken the plunge. But if i can share methods i've used and still use to cut a few bucks for others, count me in. I wanted to share my main cleaning solution and that's Simple Green. It's amazing. I've been one of hoarding multiple products on my shelf for maintenance. I've found nothing that tops simple green, and it can be had in a jug in the automotive department at walmart for under 10 bucks. It can even be diluted and still performs flawlessly in my personal experience. The smell is powerful to some, but it doesnt bother me. I'm also have found another "non talked about" product for lubrication thats rather cheap. That's kroil, made by kano lab. Its a penetrating fluid. Topped only by a home brew of simply acetone and tranny fluid. But one can purchase online from kano labs directly for under 10 bucks, for twice as much product for around the same price as other products. I've yet to witness any negative outcomes personally from using these non popular products. Just wanted to try to put a few bucks back into the enthuisiats pocket with personal choice products. If anyone else has products of choice, please share. Hope i could be of help.