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If several St. Louis County board members sit down and decide to rewrite a licensing law is there any recourse?
Posted by: Guvner
Date: February 25, 2011 10:58AM
In particular where they decide that the smallest license for heating and air conditioning will no longer allow you to service commercial establishments and even change a small air conditioner since it is a rooftop HVAC unit. Under the old license it was fine. You can grandfather in to get this new license they created but you are stripped of being able to work on most strip mall centers and have to leave this to the big companies who have lobbied for this change. You could have customers you've had for 20 years and the only avenue left is to go take a heavy license test given out by the pipefitters and graded by the pipefitters union. I still don't know any small hvac firm that has had anyone successfully pass this test although I've heard rumors of some school you could spend thousands of dollars that might let you pass it. Being in this business for 35 years it seems there should be some lawful method of forcing them to grandfather you in with the whole package instead of being stripped of "their" work as they refer to it as.

(Most strip malls are 5 tons and under for the most part just like home air condtioners.)